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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

About Department

    Electrical & Electronics department is one of the well established departments in this institute.
    The department has qualified staff with vast teaching experience. Laboratories are well equipped and constant effort is exercised to upgrades the laboratories through funds released under MODROBS. 
    In addition practical training is imparted to students pursing Diploma in Correspondence. Constant effort is exercised to make this a department of excellence to fulfill the ambitions of students.

It gives great pleasure to state that students who have completed this course from our college are successful entrepreneurs & well placed in public & private sector companies.     



To become a recognized department imparting excellent technical education in Electrical & Electronics engineering with social and environmental concerns.



  • M1:     Provide a student-centered learning environment that emphasizes close faculty-student     interaction and co-operative education.


    M2:     Prepare students to excel in their education to pursue higher education.


    M3:     Provide the state-of-the-art technical knowledge, soft skills, creativity and ethical values


    M4:     Train the students to gain good leadership quality in developing and applying the technology for the betterment of society.

Program Educational  Objectives (PEO):

  • 1:   To excel in Electrical and Electronics Engineering   programme  and apply to other Diverse  fields  that requires professional skills.
  • 2:   To contribute Electrical and Electronics Engineering skills with environment concern
  • 3:   To promote students pursue professional development, entrepreneurship and continuing   education  for their career growth and create enthusiasm for life-long learning.