Campus is located at the outskirts of the city. With lush green lawns and serene ambiance  it provides an appropriate environment for academic work and provides the following amenities for all round growth of budding engineers


1. Teaching Facilities
The learning and teaching facilities in the College are excellent.  Well-equipped classrooms, workshops, computer labs, library and learning centre ensure that our students study in a pleasant environment with up to date equipment and software.


2. Infrastructure
The infrastructure also includes a state of art computer laboratory with servers and internet facilities; and work stations have welding and smithy equipments that provide hands on experience to our engineering students. Apart from this, each department has its own discipline based laboratories for study and research.


3. Hostel
The college provides hostel facilities for Girls.


4. Play Ground
A cricket field and volley ball court exists in the campus, apart from a host of other facilities for indoor and outdoor games.


5. Library
College has excellent library facility with more than 1300 text books and DVDs  catering the needs of all the students.