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   Alumni Association of Smt. L.V. (Govt.) Polytechnic is named as 'Smruthi Mandara'. which is an Alumni Association of Ex Students of our Institution. The registered office of the association is located in the premises of the Smt.L.V. (Govt.) Polytechnic, Dairy Circle, B.M.Road,

Aims & Objectives of Alumni Association

  • To provide a forum for the Ex students of this college to meet, to promote fellowship to consider matters of general welfare of the college.
  • To arrange lectures / discussions / seminars on issues of topical interest.
  • To arrange human resource development programs, cultural activities, literary campaigns and sports competitions and health programs for the welfare of the students.
  • To extend scholarships, financial assistance, to arrange or to sponsor college students for training and other HRD activities.
  • To supplement the efforts of college management for the general welfare and to take requisite measures to secure close collaboration with that of college management.
  • To promote co-operation and self help among the members, students of the LV Polytechnic, Hassan and staff members of the LV Polytechnic, Hassan.
  • To promote peace through social justice.
  • To equip students of modern era in the field of Techniconolgy